roof mounted solar system

“We are thrilled to go solar! Lotus Solar did a great job for us.”

John and Dawn, Clifton Park, NY

“Dawn and I have been considering solar for ten years now. We love our house and have added insulation, LED bulbs, and energy efficient appliances and heating. We still use a lot of electricity, but going solar really reduces the bill.
“I’m a school teacher; I teach kids about renewable energy. And any time you can combine something you love with a way to save money, it’s a winning combination. “We talked with other solar companies. But nobody could give us anywhere near as much electricity as Lotus Solar. They are an exclusive SunPower dealer and their solar panels are so much more efficient than any other brand. Their prices are reasonable, the long term value is excellent, and the warranty is outstanding. That’s what really did it for us; SunPower is the only one in the industry that covers everything and labor for 25 years. Lotus and SunPower have been around a long time and deliver the best quality. “The whole process went well, from the sales consultant to the final installation.
The sales guy was actually an instructor for NABCEP (the solar certification company) and found ways to design a great looking system that gives us the most power. Kyle and his installer team were very polite and professional; they consulted with us at every step of the way and exceeded our expectations. “We are thrilled to go solar and think everybody in Upstate New York should do it. Lotus Solar did a great job for us

Thank you!” --John and Dawn

John Dawn Saving Over $ 2,393 a Year